Appointment management SECRET
Appointment management SECRET

Creating a beautiful Hollywood Smile and high quality dental Treatment is directly related to TIME and APPOINTMENTS respect fro the Dentist and the Patient.

Let me illustarte with a smiple example. A hollywood smile session is a long session requiring high level of concentration and Focus. A 2 to 3 Hours in Average are reserved for the patient. the golden rule is that during a session of Hollywood Smile and Porcelain Veneers preparation or an advanced surgical procedures such as Gummy Smiles Surgeries and Dental implant placement, the operatory room is reserved to the patient and no distractions are allowed. If a dentist or a patient are late for their appointment the reserved time is reduced. this will create:

  • Stress for the dentist and the patient.
  • Complaints from the next patients at Smile Creators Dental Clinic, ...

The SECRET is that may compromise the comfort of the team leading to quality compromis that we never allow for during our dental practice.

So, the saying that all dentists make you wait (Except for emergencies) is not true.

Thats why we use advanced softwares for time management, and we confirm every appointment with following a strict recall and reminder system to ensure to our patients the best dental treatment ever.