Our Commitment to you at Smile Creators Dentlal Clinic !!!

1- Infection Control at the highest level to avoid contamination and to prevent or stop the spread of infections in healthcare settings following highest standards.

(Many patients are not aware of the importance of the infection control system in dental cabinet and many patients going to low quality and cheap dental clinics may be prone to disease like Hepatitis and HIV)

At Smile Creators Dental Clinic:

  • We make sure that everything entering the mouth is autoclaved at 134°C and we follow the isolation standards of the Hair, body, Eyes .... for eah and every patient.
  • All surfaces (Dental and non Dental) are continuously desinfected with approved and safe products.
  • It appears that we are the only dental clinic in lebanon following a clear guideline of a maintenance chart to keep the machinery clean.
  • etc

2- We will be always be using Approved High Quality Products and State-of-the-art equipments to provide the highest dental treatments.

  • Highly advanced products to preserve longevity and precision of our restorations and crowns.
  • Digital technologies (CAD/CAM). 
  • etc ...

3- Continuous Education and training to continuously maintain Highest Knowledge and Skills to stay on the top of our Field for all the team.

  • Daily access to international Reviews and Journals.
  • Attending national and international seminars and meetings.
  • etc ...

4- Our Patients Comfort is a top priority Task