We care about your Dental Health!
We care about your Dental Health!

Yes Dentistry is a job I love!

Yes Cosmetic Dentistry is my PASSION!

But in my first article I will be addressing to you as a dentist who cares about your dental health as priority before being with you for a long journey.

In my daily practice, for 12 years so Far, I see patients asking for cosmetic dental treatments.

During clinical examination, I am always shocked because of the bad teeth condition and big decays that aggravated over the years due to bad follow up and indifference.

So before thinking about perfectly aligned and white teeth, a beautiful and sexy smile starts by thinking about our dental health and by making sure that our oral environment is free from decay and damaged teeth and free from any gum inflammations.

That’s why I always go by treating the teeth with the assistance of my great team to ensure a 100% healthy environment.

Then we can discuss the dental cosmetic Procedure and we are safe to go for Veneers treatments ,whitening, orthodontics …

So having a great Smile is something everyone wish to have. But it's never great without having all your teeth and gum healthy.